Mr. Jimmy Ng Lip Chye
Chief Executive Officer

2012 has been a very remarkable year for Silverpack. This year is fueled by growth. We have achieved the required sales target for FY 2012 by the 3rd quarter. Technology advances so fast that the potential for improvement is tremendous. In our manufacturing plant, we have been constantly improving our product quality and innovation. We have purchased many high tech production machineries and upgrade our existing machineries due to such advances.

We have always believed that we have to change faster than the changes in the world to improve Silverpack's competitiveness. We have increased our production capabilities by more than 50%. This enabled us to be able to meet our new and existing client's requirement.

We have consistently focus on our long-term goal and place bets on technology that we believe will have a significant impact over time. We have our Research and Development department to look into 3 Dimensional printing, which will change the landscape of plasctic packaging. We are also looking into using nano-technology to develop super high barrier films. In addition, we are concentrating our resources in developing materials that are biodegradable and cost effective.

Our products touch the lives of millions of people in China and the Asia Pacific Region. We strive to make them better and environmental friendly as we firmly believe in making the world greener for future generations. Silverpack has established a sales office in Thailand in FY2012. Our existing clients welcome our entry into the Thailand's flexible plastic packaging market. We are very sure that Thailand's market phenomenal growth will have a significant impact on our turnover and profit in FY2013.

Currently, we are planning to establish a new manufacturing plant in Malaysia. This new plant will have the most advance manufacturing technology and it will serve as a platform to greater the penetration of the Asean Region particularly Indonesia and the Philippines. During FY2013, we will have many exhibitions in Malaysia and Thailand to further establish our position in these 2 markets. Some of the exhibitions are MIHAS 2013, Foodpack 2013, Thaifex 2013 and Propak Thailand 2013.

Overall, it has been a fruitful year for Silverpack. We are striving for sustainable growth and build on our remarkable successes in the past few years. With the passion to grow and constant commitment from our entire organization, I am very sure that FY2013 will be an even more exciting year.